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     Lash Extensions Vancouver Wa

New Client Special

 1st Time Special

$89 for a New Classic Set or SAVE 30% Off Any New SET

New clients 1st time getting lash extensions at our facilities can get $79 for a new classic set or save 30% off any other type of a new full lash extension set.  Note: if you are wearing an extension from another salon, please book a removal with your appointment

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Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions will allow you to shorten up your beauty routine.  Why not wake up beautiful and save time on your daily morning routine

Goodbye Mascara,
Hello Lash Extensions!
Image by Diego Rosa
Lavish Salon Lash


Top-Notch Extensions Services We Offer

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions at Lavish Salon Lashes allow you to beautify
yourself. We offer different lash extension services from everyday wear to special
occasions that can enhance your face features more.

Our Services


1. Classic Eyelash Extensions Set

We offer classic eyelashes in Vancouver, WA, to make your eyelashes look naturally big and attractive. Classic extensions look natural and allow you to achieve a natural look.


2. Hybrid Lash Extensions Set

Hybrid lash extensions offer you a combination of textures and add more volume to your natural lashes. These long and beautiful lashes are soft and easy to handle. Hybrid makes your lash look bigger and volumized.


3. Volume Lash Extensions Set

Eyelash Extensions Salon Vancouver, WA, offers you volume lash extension
services, which gives your natural lashes more volume and length. This helps you to achieve the look you always desire.


4. Mega Lash Extensions Set

Mega lash extensions are an ideal choice for those who want additional volume and to make their lashes look extra long. These lashes are longer than other extensions, and these services are for those who want an ultra-dramatic lash look.


 5. All Lash Extensions Fills

We offer all lash extension fill services to maintain your lash extensions. This is a simple procedure in which new lash extensions are settled on your natural lashes as the older one falls.


The Story of Lavish Salon Lashes

Celebrated as one of the finest salons in Vancouver, WA, our establishment boasts a rich history spanning over two decades. As a cornerstone in the community, we've consistently delivered top-notch services and unparalleled customer experiences since our inception. We offer various lash extension services designed to enhance and volumize your natural lashes. Opting for our semi-permanent eyelash extensions not only eliminates the need for mascara but also streamlines your makeup routine effortlessly. Explore our diverse range of options, including classic, hybrid, volume, mega, and wet-look lash extensions. 

Say Goodbye To Your Mascara- Lash Extension At Lavish Salon Lashes

With hectic schedules and changing lifestyles, it becomes challenging for us to invest time in making our lashes look bigger with mascara. We are an eyelash specialist in Vancouver, WA, who offers you different lash extension services that make your lashes look attractive and can make your beauty routine easy. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fiber strands applied on your natural lashes to make your eyes look more beautiful.


Why Choose Lavish Salon Lashes?

Lavish salon lashes offer unmatchable extension services with the best results. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about our work. We are the best eyelash salon in Vancouver, WA, which uses cutting-edge technologies and excellent medical-grade products. You can customize your lash extensions according to your specific needs and to achieve your desired look. Our highly
trained staff helps you to feel confident with our best lash extension services.

Beautify Yourself With Our Best Eye Extension Service!

As the best eyelash salon in Vancouver, WA, we offer different lash extension services to volumize your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are the best alternative to mascara, and this semi-permanent eyelash procedure allows you to shorten your makeup routine. Book your extension appointment online at Lavish Salon Lashes and get yourself a makeover!


First Time Getting Lashes? Here’s what you can expect and how to show up ready for the appointment:

  • Arrive at your appointment with NO eye makeup on (mascara, eyeliner, shadow, concealer, etc) and clean lashes that are washed with an oil-free or lash cleanser. If you do not have a cleanser please arrive early and we will provide one for you to use. Clean lashes are essential to ensure the glue bonds to the natural lash only and not makeup or dirt. This will give you the best retention! Any extra time used for cleansing will be cutting out of your lashing time. 

  • Remove contact lenses.

  • Silence your cell phone to ensure a relaxing appointment for all clients. We provide you with a charging station if you need to juice up your battery during your appointment. 

  • Dress for comfort! During your full set appointment, you will be laying down for a minimum of 1 hour 40 minutes. You will be in a comfortable recliner.  Feel free to bring headphones while we focus on giving you the best set of eyelashes. Be ready to relax and open your eyes to beautiful lashes!

  • Chemotherapy Treatment- Please consult with your doctor before, during, and after chemotherapy treatment to get his approval when you can have extensions.  Your skin may be sensitive, have a reaction, or have other issues due to the chemotherapy treatment.  So please consult with your doctor first.  

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